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In simple terms we are here to help. We know you are incredibly busy working "in" your business. We want to help you work "on" your business. We are collaborators, trusted advisors and fully on your side. We are not here to tell, we are here to ask. 

We believe that all successful relationships must have chemistry. That's why before we ever discuss your business we want to get to know you.  Let's start a conversation!





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Why Liath?

Liath is the Irish word for "grey". We realise strategic and operational decisions are rarely black and white, and sometimes it's about navigating the shades of grey.  Although our approach is consultative, we have all spent the bulk of our careers working in industry, walking in your shoes and dealing with the same challenges and opportunities. We know what it is like to have the burden of responsibility. We want to help you shoulder it.

We passionately believe that our industry first experience enhanced with consulting principles and tools enables us better understand your world than the career consultants from the faceless, expensive consulting firms. We are craft consultants, passionate about your business.

"Liath developed an insightful market entry strategy and practical implementationplan for us quickly and efficiently"

–Private Client (details on request)

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